Ticketing Information

Bologna & Parma, Italy

18-22 September 2019

Parma, “Nino Cavalli” Stadium will host 2 games on 18, 20 and 22 September and one game on 19 and 21 September.

Bologna, “Gianni Falchi” Stadium will host two games on 19 and 21 September and one on 18, 20 and 22 September.

Game times will be 1.30 and 8.00 PM (CEST).

Ticket Prices valid for Parma and Bologna:
  • 1:30 p.m. Game Ticket: 10.00 €
  • 8:00 p.m. Game Ticket: 15.00 €
  • Two-Games Daily ticket: 20.00 €
  • Free entrance for children under the age of 12
Event Passes:
  • Valid for all the games in Parma: 50.00 €
  • Valid for all the games in Bologna: 50.00 €
Ticket Presale

The presale of tickets and event passes is available at the ticket counters of both venues starting from September 16.

  • Parma, “Nino Cavalli” Stadium from 5.00 to 7.30 PM on Monday and Tuesday, 16 - 17 September
  • Bologna, “Gianni Falchi” Stadium from 4.00 to 6.00 PM on Monday and Tuesday, 16 - 17 September

For any information or special request please contact: italyboq2019@gmail.com

Please be advised that access to the event will be permitted only to those in possession of a regular game ticket/subscription and to those with an official accreditation released by the World Baseball Softball Confederation, under the auspices of which the Event will be held. Therefore, no other card/pass/ticket released by any other organisation, federation or technical body will be accepted for the entrance to the ballparks.